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Divination is a metaphysical art meant to assist you through your journey in mundane to spiritual matters. It is my goal in each of these services to look at all outcomes. Please bear in mind that these are predictions and you have freewill to change the result, thus your ability to make change is magick. Divination and magick are both related, except the former is the art probability and the latter is the art of change. You create your destiny. Thus, it is my goal to look at predictability for odds and chances, some outcomes will be less or more viable than others. Therefore, all I can do is look at the paradigm given and map out what I see. Then with all effort I advise you with many options to assist you how to improve your life. Look below for each of the services offered. If you have any questions at all then please email me at  


Tarot is cartomancy, divination with cards. It relies on the imagery and symbolism for the card reader to interpret the meaning. The usage of this can be for love, relationship, career finances, and spiritual matters. Therefore, the message is extrapolated by the diviner. I have been doing tarot professionally for 10 years and won psychic of the week in July of 2013. On Oranum I have helped out thousands of people and still proceed to do so via phone. I only do readings via phone. The rate for a reading is $1 per minute. I do take payment via paypal and card. 

Length of Readings
Tarot Reading


Geomancy is an ancient art of divination that predates tarot and is good for a a general overview of your situation in many aspects and one question. I use geomantic dice specifically and you will not only have a phone call, but certainly be emailed your chart and what the chart means in this regard. For a general overview there are 12 parts of life, which are the 12 astrological houses. For the one question there is the total conclusion. 

Numerology Report

Numerology is simply divination with numbers. Each and every single number has a meaning. I will primarily be using Pythagorean Numerology to find many of your deeper meanings in life. I will type up a full numerology report for you to help bring resolve to things  you have wondered about yourself. The only tools I will need will be your Full Name (First, Middle, Last) and Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year). Through this process you will receive in your email with a full numerology report typed up on my be half. Give me 5 days to finish the report as it does take time. 

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