About Me

Where were you born and raised?

I was born on October 9th of 1986 in Terre Haute, Indiana. However, when I was 18 I joined the army and moved to Fort Hood when I went active duty military. I came home in 2008 I have resided here since.

Describe your upbringing to us. What was your family like and with what religion did they raise you?

My childhood was a rough one actually. I dealt with an abusive stepfather, had (and have) Asperger's Syndrome to a slight degree, and also had trouble communicating. I had to take seven years of speech therapy. I was raised Pentecostal, but my aunt got me into Roman Catholicism. I eventually lost faith in Christianity, and afterwards I had a year of an atheistic phase when I was 13 years of age or so. It was after that phase, I found paganism. I cannot make claims to being miserable because of lack of money, there was plenty of money, but there was a lot of physical and emotional abuse with that money.

What about Christianity was unsatisfactory to you and why?

I heard the pastors on television speaking fanatically, heard my family judging people all the time, looked at the real world when I was a teenager, and realized a good part of Christianity is purely outdated for modern times. We can see this from all the resistance to gay rights. It has antiquated belief of a savior to save all of mankind, seems hypocritical, supports slavery, women get treated badly, and etc. It was a few of these factors that prevented me from being a devout Christian. I want you to note that I do not hate Christianity, but I do like aspects of it.

What, specifically, led you to learn about and follow the occult?

I was actually unsatisfied with Paganism, I was stuck in limbo because it seemed like Christian morality disguised under other names. There were a lot of hippies and new age people that were all about free love. None of this matched my personal belief. Then I found Aliester Crowley, read his Book of Law, afterward I met my teacher. He gave me a great boost of knowledge and I will work with him today.

Were you part of any groups that followed similar ideas to yours?

I got my start when I was in my teenage years with a group that were pagan wiccans, they had initiation rights. I made it to a second degree witch much faster than I anticipated, but left because it was too simplistic. The name of the group was Hekate's Coven. I was also a part of a local group here, but they did not have the same beliefs as me. The Terre Haute Pagans pretty much disowned me after two meetings. I founded a group called Yesodic Order of the Crystal Tower in 2009 after meeting other magicians on a popular site (that is now down) covenspce.net. I made a lot of friends from that group and this was the very beginning to my journey into ceremonial magick. I was part of several online groups that gave me a good dose of information and practices.

What other group work have you done?

Magick has always been natural for me on every level; so I would lead rituals, give lectures, teach (even when I was not in the position to do so), lead occult studies, and do magickal experiments with people. I pretty much as much as any occultist can who has led a group.

What is your career in the occult? Describe it to us.
I am a tarot reader, author, and I am currently a student in Open University studying Classical Studies. It was www.paganpages.org, that established my my first written works. I continue to write for them from time to time. But now I works as a contributor at www.etiary.com. I do tarot readings on occasion, but generally, my writing supports me nowadays.

Tell us more about the books and writings you have authored.

I have written several essays on kabbalah, astrology, history, practices, methodologies, beliefs, Satanism, occult philosophy, and general philosophy. I have written two books. The first book is the Collected Works or Robert Powell, it is collection of old blogs I wrote in my early years. I will not lie, the grammar sucked, but that was published in the beginning of my career. My Second Book was Consilium XVIII: Book of Phoebus. It is a book that outlines the energies for the Age of Aquarius, but it is important to note, this was written before the Age of Aquarius or December 21st of 2012. I am currently writing three other books as well.

If you can, go into some more detail about your book The Consilium XVIII: Book of Phoebus?

Consilium XVIII: Book of Phoebus is about the New Aeon; Pallas Athene being my pratroness influenced me to write the book, and at the time I never realized it. I was sitting in my friends room and my hand started to move without thinking. I wrote the book in four days, and it is fairly short. It is composed of the my Holy Guardian Angel, Pallas Athena, Aphrodite, and Phoebus Apollo. It talks about the rise of a new royalty that represents the ideals and traits the new aeon and its magick will possess.

Can you describe to us what your system of "Mageia" is?

Mageia is Greek for Magick. I adopted this name because magick has always fascinated me with its mechanics and systemology. It is based on the Consilium XVIII: Book of Phoebus. I formulated a philosophy and magick system out of this book. Without realizing it at the time, I reached a stunningly similar philosophy as Pythagoras and Plato. The three part soul, logos, and etc. It is a system that allows for the ascension of man to achieve godhood in unison with balance in the Universe and themselves.

Where can others find your writings?

You can find my writings on Amazon and Pagan Pages. I also did a few poems in 2009 one can find if they do a search on Google.

Was there a podcast or a blog that you belonged to in order to teach others of the occult?

Yes, several actually. I was first introduced to podcasting by Radio Metrou. I generated their most successful series. “History of the Occult”. I decided to start my own podcast called the Tiger's Den. It did quite well. I interviewed Taliesin McKnight, we decided to do a show together called Magick-Occult Radio. It was successful, but I went back to podcasting on my own. My new podcast is called “Magick XVIII”. I even gave Georg Dehen his first English Interview about the Book of Abramelin in 2015. It is the best version of Abramelin we have and it changed the face of occult history with the help of Aleister Crowley.

What is Tarot reading, and what have you accomplished with it?

Tarot Reading is simply cartomancy, or divination with cards. Tarot is not only a divination tool, but also a learning and magickal tool. Tarot reading has three aspects for explanation: divine, behavioral, and magical. The divination is the aspect which is used to tell a fortune or give insight to a situation. Behavioral parts of a reading determined the actions that have been, are being take, and will be taken if one does not pay attention. The magickal side of reading is that you can change your path with minuscule action, thought or adjustment. Tarot holds the mysteries of astrology, numerology, kabbalah, stoic philosophy, Christianity, and magickal philosophy that the magician can study his entire life. It is extremely powerful for ritual and magick.

Have you received awards or accreditation for your work?

I actually have! When it comes to tarot, I won psychic of the month in July of 2013 on www.oranum.com. It was a real honor. I am a certified hypnotherapist. A certificate of a pastoral ordination hangs on my wall. I won an art contest locally called “One Last Chance”.

Getting a little more in-depth, what are YOUR personal beliefs?

My personal belief is the balance of man and the environment to manifest results to make change in life. There were once such men that Christopher Warnock talks about in the introduction of The Picatrix, he said that there were once great men of skull in mathematics, philosophy, magick, astrology, and etc. One would call these wise men. I partake in these same studies in hopes to improve my life and the life of others. However, there has to be a new approach because we are in the astrological Age of Aquarius. So we must adjust to these energies and find the balance between ancient wisdom and modernization. Man must learn from the best, know himself, and be a master of his external world. With Mageia, it will change and evolve to these energies in the age of information, and I hope it does.

Is there anything you have done outside of the occult?

I have done painting, sketching, poetry, and hypnosis. I am currently working on my degree for Classical Studies. It is my goal to learn as much ancient wisdom as I can to grow more of an understanding of the old paradigm of spirituality and spectate on the evolution to post-modern times. When a man knows how things have evolved, he can set forth an innovation when he knows the patterns.

What are your greatest influences in your life?

Most of my favorite people are historical figures. I have a love for Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Thales, Dioegenes, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Cornelius Agrippa. Zarathustra, Iamblichus, Hesiod, Pliny the Elder, Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, Seneca, MacGregor Mathers, William Wynn Westcott, John Dee, and others. I have a whole list. It is hard to pick out a singular figure, but I try to learn from the best so I can master my craft.

Why did you take a break from your practice and teachings?

I took a break to master my craft and try something new to better myself. It was a great experience, when you are in something for so long you need to take a small break on the occasion. This break was necessary for me and my great work and self-improvement.

What influenced you to come back?

After my hiatus in mid 2013 to mid 2015 from the occult, I was focusing on mastering other things for the long run. But I sorely missed the occult and I had a mission to accomplish to some extent. There are periods where a magician must test everything he has learned for the real world. So it has worked out great and I have settled down a little to stay focused. Plato and Aristotle really inspired me to continue with my great work.

Do you have a teacher of your own?

Yes! I have a mentor who has been in the occult for 50 years now. I am his protege, his name is Melvin Bates. He is one hell of a magician and led me to many of these magical references. Although, a lot of these studies were done on my own behalf, he is a great teacher and he is full of wisdom. He is rooted in Ceremonial Magick, much like I am.

Yes, and thank you for the interview!



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