Monday, June 5, 2017

Meet Philosophia!

I try to be very gracious as a student of life and magick. Although stubbornness can serve as one of my greatest flaws, there comes a point when I must push myself to try new ideas and constantly learn, therefore, notating the results of my experiments. On Shadows in the Dark two guests, Billy Brujo and Leelahel, truly inspired this newest magical creation, a servitor or egregore. I will not get too caught up in semantics over the origin of the words. But I will say that a certain ritual process sparked my concept, even beyond those ideas which manifested from these people.

It all began when research was involved in my practices. I found the opening of the mouth rite that Ancient Egyptians performed to first put spirits into cult statues, it was long afterwards that this was performed to keep the mummies alive in the afterlife. Further research provided evidence that most of Psalms 51 in the Bible was an entire chapter about the opening of the mouth rite. Thus, it was almost taken word for word from the Ancient Egyptian spells. I dug even further to find a few verses where the Bible made claims that other cultures the Hebrews invaded created their own gods, hinting at a rite similar to the Opening of the Mouth Rite for statues.

I found at least three different versions I could apply to a rite, obviously I took the one that could be mostly used in ceremonial magick. I drew my evocation from the Ani Papyrus, which I will read on and elaborate in a bit. The first task was what kind of spirit do I wish to create?

Then I started searching for a vessel for my magick. I came across an owl which did not seem too toy-like and had a very serious demeanor. I knew this had to be the vessel, but I had no clue what spirit to put in it. So I sat and wondered, then the name hit me as plain as day, Philosophia. I had no clue about the purpose of the spirit or how the energy would express itself. But I had the key thing I needed, a name. That was far more than enough.

Philosophia was the name Greek name for philosophy, or lover of wisdom. Then the energy had occurred what the spirit which  tapped into my subconscious was to be used for at the time. So I proceeded to mark this as an entity who wanted a vessel to do a bidding for the practitioner, but also take the working to the next level after the act was completed. The next great task is to give the magick practitioner wisdom. Wisdom meaning knowledge that is practical, experienced based, and learned from data that can be applied to make a judgement call with precision. I can say this entity, Philosophia, has been in my life for about 2 years since I started studying Stoicism, but now wanted a vessel.

So I set up a ritual that could be applied and used based on the Ani Papyrus, then meditated upon after I put the sigil in the head of the owl, after making the incision. Then I sewed up the cut. Now comes the meat and bones of this entity, Philosophia.

I used this opening of the mouth ritual to give the vessel life with the spirit from the Ani Papyrus:

Your mouth is opened by Ptah,
Your mouth's bonds are loosed by my city-god.
Thoth has come fully equipped with spells,
He looses the bonds of Seth from your mouth.
Atum has given you your hands,
They are placed as guardians.
Your mouth is given to you.,
Your mouth is opened by Ptah,
With that chisel of metal
With which he opened the mouths of the gods.
You're Sekhmet-Wadjet who dwells in the west of heaven,
You're Sahyt among the souls of On.

It was after this I gave the spirit access to do as it wishes and also do the work it was programmed to do as a servitor and companion. So how can you use Philsophia? In order to use this servitor you must know what the spirit of Philosophia is utilized for, how  to connect with the Philosophia, what to offer for the working, and the expectations from Philosophia. These are all very important parts to understand how Philosophia works for you.

Firstly, this spirit has actually been with me for several years now and I never knew it. She has guided me on the path of wisdom in many matters in life: Career, love, friendships, business, and choosing my path properly. Although unaware of this influence, it has served me well in my will voluntarily. It was after I had begun working with Platonism and Pythagoreanism that this spirit of this knowledge has come to me. Even in my hardest times I found clarity. As an example, when seeking employment Philosophia had voluntarily did the work so well, at times, that it seemed employment had fallen into my lap. Then I would proceed to have dreams to further give me messages to make a more beneficial situation. When you work with this spirit you may expect the same! Philosophia was the spirit that chose this particular influence, thusly, she will work on two levels. Philosophia will help you in reasonable bounds, but with that will come a lesson via dream or any other means. Philosophia is Greek for “lover of wisdom” or philosophy. It is a word that Pythagoras first made in his era.

Secondly, I did not use a seal or Austin Osman Spare method, rather I used the name of the spirit. You will need a picture of the owl and the name to make it function. It can either be a printed picture, one saved to your phone, or downloaded to your computer. A picture and a name is one of the most potent ingredients you can apply to a formula, hence this will be one of the most efficient means in your situation. Please by all means, if you can make your sigil, written statement, or spell on paper with a dab of olive oil on it as you use her picture.

Thirdly, make a small offering of olive oil, and burning frankincense and myrrh incense. In this way you are feeding Philosophia. This only helps her build more strength and be more willing to help you again. She may contact you in a dream in her more Greek spirit form as a human (as she has done for me) to unknown knowledge in the occult, which is only good for you. So these offerings will only help you in the long run.

Fourthly, the expectations from Philosophia are very simple! She will work on two levels: 1) she will do the work and 2) she will guide you to your wisdom in a very direct way (by subtle signs, energy, dreams, scrying, or etc). There is the law of cause and effect, thus she will help you make your path easier if need be, but if you are bound to make a mistake then she will perform in the boundaries of her perimeters to fully assist you to learn something magically or practically you should know. But she will certainly act more than an egregore, but a guide. The more you feed her the more she will assist you.

I now hand you the reigns to do with Philosophia as you wish, but bear in mind she will only act with wisdom, as extreme acts will probably be ignored. As she is only programmed to assist you in a positive, self-growth light. She is worth the time you invest in her. I want to thank all of you for all the support on this channel and wish to see you grow and prosper. XVIII. 

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