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Contents of the Leiden Papyrus

The contents of the papyrus may be classified as follows:
I. Divination--

(a) by the vessel of oil I-III, IX-X. 22, XIV, XVIII. 7-33, XXI. 1-9, XXII (?), XXVIII, verso XXII, verso XXVI.
(b) by a lamp V, VI-VII, VIII. 1-12, XVI, XVII-XVIII. 6, XXV. 1-22, XXVII. 13-36, verso XVIII, verso XXIV, verso XXXI.
(c) by the sun X. 22-end, XXVII. 1-I2, XXIX.
(d) by moon XXIII. 21-31.
(e) by the Foreleg constellation (Great Bear) verso XVIII.
(f) by stars? IV. 23-4.
(g) through the priest Psash (?) VIII. 12-end.
(h) through Imuthes IV. 1-22.
(i) by dreams verso XVII, eye-paint XXI, invocation XXVII? XXVIII.
(k) for thief-catching III. 29, or shipwreck (?) verso XV.

2. to obtain favour and respect XI, verso XXXII.

to avert anger of superior XV. 24-31.
3. Erotica--

by potions XV. 1-21, XXI. 10-43, XXV. 23-XXVI.
by salves XII, verso III. 14-16, XII-XIII. 9, XIII. 10-11, XIV, XXIII, XXV, XXX, XXXII.
αγωγιμον verso XVI, XVII, XIX.
διακοπη XIII. 1-10.

4. Poisons, &c.--

blinding XIII. 11, XXIV. 30.
soporifics XXIII. 1-20, XXIV, verso II. 16-III. 3.
maddening (magic) verso XXIX.
slaying XXIII. 7, XXIV. 28, verso XXXII.
uses of the shrew-mouse, &c. (chiefly in erotica) XIII. 11-end and verso XXXII.

5. Healing--

poison XIX. 10-21.
sting XX. 1-27.
dog's bite XIX. 9, 32-40.
bone in throat XIX. 21-32, XX. 27-33.
gout and other affections of feet verso VIII-X, XI.
water in ears verso IV. 1-5.
ophthalmia (?) verso XX.
fever verso XXXIII.
haemorrhage, &c. in woman verso V. 1-3, 9-13, V. 4-8.
to ascertain pregnancy verso V. 4-8.

6. names or descriptions of plants, drugs, &c. verso I-II. 15, III. 4-13, 17-18, IV. 6-19, V. 14-17.
p. 15


Divination by vessel with medium.

1/2-3/5 invocation; 3/5-3/35 directions.
IV. 1-19.
Process employed by Imuthes.

1-8 directions; 9-19 Greek invocation. IV. 20-22. For a horoscope (?).
IV. 23-24.
V. 1-2.
Divination by lamp without medium.

3-8 directions; 9-23 invocations; 24-32 prescription for eye-paint and further directions.
VI-VIII. 11.
Divination by lamp, with medium and alone.

6/1-11 directions; 6/11-8/11 invocations.
VIII. 12-18.
Divination alone, according to the priest Psash (?).

12-16 invocation; 16-18 directions.
IX-X. 22.
Divination of Chons by vessel.

9/1-10/9 invocation; 10/9-10/19 directions for use with medium; 10/20-10/22 for use alone.
X. 22-35.
Divination by vessel to see the bark of Ra, alone. 23-30 invocation; 30-35 directions.
Formula for acquiring praise and honour.

1-21 invocation; 21-26 directions.
XII. Eroticon.

1-14 directions; 15-18 invocation; 18-27 alternative invocation; 27-31 further directions.
To separate a man from a woman.

2-9 invocation; 9-10 directions (? incomplete); 11-29 uses of shrew-mouse (?) and other animals, &c., for removing the man and procuring the woman.
Divination by vessel with medium.

2-16 invocation; 17-32 directions.
COLUMN XV. 1-20.

1-8 directions; 8-20 invocation.
XV. 21-23.
Another eroticon.
XV. 24-31.
Formula for averting anger of a superior.

25-28 Greek invocation; 29-31 demotic translation of the same.
XVI. 1-14.
Divination by lamp; invocation.
XVI. 15-17.
Invocation before the sun for success generally.
XVI. 18-30.
Divination by lamp with a medium.

18-19 directions; 20-22 invocation; 22-30 further directions.
XVII. 1-21.
Another method of divination by lamp with medium.

1-11 invocation; 11-21 directions.
XVII. 21-23.
Another method of the same.
XVII. 24-26.
Another method of the same.
XVII. 27-XVIII. 6.
Another method of the same.
XVIII. 7-33.
Divination by vessel with medium or alone.

8-23 invocation; 24-33 directions.
XIX. 1-9.
Formula for the bite of a dog.

1-8 invocation; 8-9 directions.
XIX. 10-21.
Formula for extracting poison from the heart of a man who has been made to drink a philtre.

11-19 invocation; 19-21 directions.
XIX. 21-32.
Formula for a bone in the throat.

22-28 invocation; 28-32 directions.
XIX. 32-40.
Formula for the bite of a dog.

33-39 invocation; 39-40 directions.
XX. 1-27.
Formula for the sting of a scorpion (?). 2-13 invocation; 14-27 directions and invocation to the oil.
XX. 27-33.
Formula for a bone in the throat.
XXI. 1-9.
Divination by vessel through Osiris. 2-8 invocation; 8-9 directions.
XXI. 10-43.
Eroticon (a scarab in wine).

10-20 directions; 20-43 invocations.
XXII. 1-5.
Divination by vessel for spirit summoning (incomplete).
XXIII. 1-20.
Formula to inflict catalepsy and death.

2-8 directions; 9-20 Greek invocation.
Vessel-divination by the moon.

21-24 directions; 24-26 invocation.
XXIII. 27-31.
Another method of the same.
Various prescriptions for producing sleep, catalepsy, death, &c.
XXV. 1-22.
Divination by lamp with a medium.

2-8 invocation; 9-22 directions.
XXV. 23-31.
XXV. 31-XXVI. 18.

25/31-33 directions; 25/34-37 invocation; 26/1-18 alternative invocation.
XXVII. 1-12.
Divination by vessel with medium, for seeing the bark of Ra.

1/9 invocation; 9-12 directions.
XXVII. 13-36.
Divination by lamp with medium.

13-19 directions; 20-24 invocation; 24-36 prescription for eye-paint and further directions.
XXVIII. 1-9.
Divination by vessel, alone.

1-4 invocation; 4-9 directions.
XXVIII. 10-15.
Another method of the same.
XXIX. 1-20.
Divination by the sun with medium.

1-4 directions; 5-12 invocation; 12-17 alternative invocation; 17-20 further directions.
XXIX. 20-30.
Another method of the same.

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