Friday, May 19, 2017

Everything Will Be Here!

Lately I have been evaluating the goals and direction I want to go in life. Some of the considerations have been in family, friends, and career in terms of the change I need to make on this ever-evolving journey. I have made a few noticeable changes that you will see right off the bat: 1) YouTube and Vidme have been a complete disservice to my True Will, 2) other projects are starting to blossom, and 3) there are other additions to this blog.

Firstly, I have left YouTube and VidMe on a final notice. It has been a long personal goal to be a better writer. Rather than focusing on writing I would be more worried about the specific video to make for that day. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and so much to do, therefore, I have taken the conscious step to trim the fat off the meat. I will be blogging more often and attempting to upload videos on this website. The grand idea is that everything will be in one place. I do not have to worry about going to my blog to write, YouTube to upload a video, then uploading that same video on VidMe, then posting a bunch of pictures on Instagram, and writing a detailed status on the occult via Facebook. I have one platform here where I can do all of that! So everything will be condensed here. It will make life a hell of a lot easier for me due to lack of time.

Secondly, other projects are on the rise and doing very well. Shadows in the Dark Podcast is one of my magnum opus projects. I never expected it to do as well as it has been doing. It started as a fun thing to do that grew into its own entity. My books I have been working on are coming into fruition after months to even years for others! There has been a process of writing daily, thus my love for it has completely grown! It feels like it is 2011 for me again and I miss that year! The Foolish Man tarot card inside of me is feeling at home again, he is ready to explore every nook and cranny available. I need to start focusing on my great work and what I have to offer more than sitting behind a camera espousing thoughts, and much rather doing an act which will elevate me to being a better magician.

Thirdly, there are many modifications to this blog that are being hashed out. I am adding astrological services, tarot readings, magick consultation, audio lectures, books, and videos. I still need to go and edit parts of the site and try to make it reach perfection as close as possible. The goal will take time, but I have a clear vision and how to achieve it. I do not want mere donations, I would much rather have a person get something more for their money (a product or service). I cannot sit back and ask for any more donations via patreon or tips. I will have to labor for those who supported me through thick and thin, they will get so much more out of the modifications of this site than what they could any video.

Conclusively, these changes are all for the greater good and a helpful change in my lifestyle. There is far less pressure on myself and from my fans. I will be able to do what is more conducive to my goal habitually by making this site a part of my Great Work. I want to thank all of you for understanding and it means quite a lot to me.


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