Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Magick Record or Book of Shadows

The week 1 of magick is understanding the power of writing and communication. Writing and speaking is one of the most powerful tools of manifestation. Even as I write right now on this blog it is an act of magick as I spread a message. The art of  magick comes through understanding and conveying that comprehension. I am a firm believer that the more work we apply in our communication and in our actions is the power of manifestation. It is by this concept we find the symbolism of Odin, Thoth, Ourobos, and the biblical God. What is this symbolism?

Words are magick! This is what all these deities have in common, they created an alphabet. Alphabets were considered the first form of communication. God spoke the universe into existence. The Ourobos spoke itself into existence. Thoth, the lord of magick, was associated with knowledge and written language. Odin gained knowledge of the runes and is the king of magick in Norse Mythology.

The art of writing in your magical journey within itself is divine. Recording data that shows what works for you magically is the first step in the craft. It does take effort and commitment, but you find out what works for you in the long haul. I do not care if you have a hard copy of a Book of Shadows or a digital record on your laptop. Keep a magical record for the purpose to "Know Yourself". The more you know yourself. The more power you have in your magick. 

Your magick boils down to these two habits. 
1. Writing in a journal 
2. Recording your magical experiments. 

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