Sunday, April 16, 2017

Top 5 Ways To Spot An Authentic Tarot Reader VS A Charlatan

I was listening to Ignis Cobra's interview with Reamce and this inspired this blog post on tarot reading. I have been doing tarot for several years professionally and I use the Hermetic Tarot. When Ignis and Reamce spoke of spotting a charlatan over real tarot reader it caught my eye. So I decided (like the brazen magician I am) to add my own opinions on the matter. 

1. When The Reader Thinks They Know You Better Than You!
This is a crucial trap that I seen many people fall into during my years of reading tarot. I had gotten a reading from one person who acted like they knew me better than me. Sadly, some clients are okay with this because it is easier to have someone thinking for us! However, you choose the life you live, unless you have some rare circumstance where your freewill is surrendered. You need to think for you because it is your life, not your reader's life. They can help with advice, but to transcend beyond that is pushing boundaries. No one is walking in your shoes, but you. 

2. Readers Who Cannot Handle Constructive Criticism!
We as humans have the capability of being great in some things and horrible in other things. The good news is we have a little thing called 'self-improvement'. I had a few readings where I could not interact with the client as well as I wished. Past readings with tarot readers where they were off a few times. Do not be afraid to say they are wrong, this is okay! I have seen many egotistical readers take this to heart when you tell them they cannot connect very well. I want to emphasize this because people have been shamed by readers for questioning them. This is one of the big warnings to watch out for as a client. Humans do make mistakes or misread things, we are not immune to imperfection in a craft. Much rather it means that reader cannot connect with you and you need to seek out a reader that works well with you. Make sure they are listening without ego!
3. Tarot Readers Who Do Not Believe In Freewill!
When someone is approaching with a very hard dogma of fate take that as a bad sign. Each and everyone of us have choices to change our path. If someone says they are right 100% about your future then use skepticism in your mental toolbox. I have seen people lose thousands of dollars getting readings based on a reader that strictly relied on fate itself. Much rather know that there can be multiple outcomes based on your actions to a situation. Therefore, bear in mind that an authentic read can only look at your current situation and read into possible outcomes. In this case, they will tell you your decisions can change everything. 

4. Tarot Readers Who Read But Do Not Give Advice Or Give Very Bad Advice!
It is easy to look from the outside in judging a situation without sympathy or empathy. So to get a varying perspective from a tarot reader offers new insight brings new ideas to reflect in your mind. It is easy to point out the problem sometimes and much harder to find the solution. You may not need a solution in some situations, but many people are looking for guidance in readings. If there is advice that you know sounds bad then follow your instincts if you know it will make your situation worse. If you want some advice or guidance from a reader and they cannot offer progressive advice they should not have looked into your place, unless it is a field they are unfamiliar with many times. If you need help, the right sensible reader will help you.

5. Tarot Readers Who Are Always Focused On The Positive!
This is one point that might make you scratch your head, but we need to face reality. Life is not always happy and it is easy to go to someone that tells us what we want to hear. I am not saying we should be negative all the time, but if you do get a reading that sounds bad then you can fix it with he right advice! When people only state the positive they are ignoring your real issues. If they are afraid to talk about conflict or even say, "Think positive and things will get better," it is code for I do not have a solution. When we suppress our emotions to only stay positive it is unhealthy psychologically and avoids the issue. We are humans with many emotions, not robots. Anyone with a "positive energy vibe only" is fake as a whole, you are paying for a fantasy to make you feel better. Anyone can tell you to think positive. You can do that for yourself. 

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