Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Rise of Selene

The night of Selene at her darkest, 
Clear skies veiled with dotted with stars of kings. 
Lady Hekate seen at her starkest, 
World ridden without the midnight of her rings. 
The lifeless and cold under the pale lit sky,
The funeral pyre for the despot begins to set aflame, 
A solemn feeling which no soul can deny, 
Sophists point to the Fates for complete blame. 
"Who art thou?" she asked me without further adieu,
"What does your new sight begin to see?"
I said, "I am an infant in the nothingness anew.
With the cold, no fear, no reason to flee!"
Bull-horned, with the bark of a canine, the goddess stared, 
Nature's tender flowers faded and withered. 
My heart strong in universe was fiery and flared, 
In an instant my spirit was like a snake and slithered.
The oil lamp burned without hesitation, 
Hekate's deep gaze put my mind in meditation. 
I have found my secret to the shadow, 
I stood in her mystery never remained shallow.

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