I Am Writing A New Book!

I am working on a personal book that will be published. It will be written for the magician who is willing to really learn and grow from another magician's personal journal. It is too easy to give excuses why the art of magick is not practiced everyday. I do work from home part time and work a regular job part time, one would think the stresses would make me too tired for magick. That is not the case and has not been for many years now. In this comprehensive book I will be writing it will outline several key parts to my practice. 

Obviously the Abramelin operation and the Greek Magical Papyri will be listed in parts of the book. The intention on writing this book comes the multiple questions that I receive about magick and my personal magick system. I decided it would be best to not only talk about this in videos, but you will will get my more intimate thoughts on the subject matter of magick, practicing it daily, and achieving results from your magick. So in about 3 months it should be completed with writing, but it will need edited, which should not take too long. I hope all of you have a wonderful day!