How Did I Get Into Tarot Reading?

As a tarot reader I find that my toots are the one thing that keep me grounded no matter how much success I fight to achieve. I have my roots as a tarot when I first purchased my Dragon Tarot deck back in 2005. I actually used it sparingly, but all that changed when I did reading for my soon to be wife. I saw the empress holding a baby dragon and I got the vibes that she was pregnant when I saw the card, lo and behold she came out a few weeks later and admitted it. I did not touch the too much afterwards, but then I found the Hermetic Tarot. 

The Hermetic Tarot was a deck I felt immediately attached to when I saw the cards. At this period of my life I had been studying the Golden Dawn and Thelema for a very long while, thus the cards made complete sense to me. I learned to read the deck on an advanced level within 18 hours of obsessively practicing and memorizing each and every card. The motivation was flowing in every action to do a reading, that led to a career. I was on Twitter and saw a direct message from someone on Oranum in 2011. I was that curious little cat and I took the bait. I have been on Ornaum for six years since. 

I still love to do readings till this day and helping my clients to the best of my ability. It is totally worth it to see the look on their faces when they are happy or feels good to them through a hard time. Without a doubt, I believe I was born to be a tarot reader.