Friday, March 24, 2017

Break Down of the Spell to Establish a Relationship with Helios, Magical Working Space

Spell to Establish a Relationship with Helios

1, While observing PGM III. 494-611 the opening has the breaking down of the 12 hours of the sun. Each hour as symbol, tree, stone, and land animals. It is amazing because this is a clear indicator early complex astrology magick that influenced later systems. These correspondences are clearly used to show you have knowledge of a god in order to summon it. These could also play a very vital role in the system with the magical formula.

2. Upon declaring you have knowledge of all the associated correspondences to Helios you have power  or influence over him. This is obvious in the phrase, "lest I shake heaven." It is apparent by the intellectual eye that knowledge of a god was seen as power, even over the lord of all gods in this system, Helios.

3. The fillers of the spell seem to be conjurations and barbarous names. These are used as a way to catch the attention of the god, thus, allowing the magician to build a stronger connection with his solar energy.

4. Though the magician has a commanding attitude, there is a large amount of respect because the magus knows he is the lord of all gods in this system. You will notice that the magician offers reverence near the end asking for a long, happy life and beauty. So much so he is external and internal to man, the esoteric phrase is, "because knowledge of you deified us."

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