Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Planning and Researching

My path has changed so much in the past 30 days that it is insane. I am back to reading tarot on Oranum. I own a laptop again. I just ordered the Logitech C930e for reading tarot (it will be here by Monday). Now I am simply in the mindset to make sure to develop my thoughts, words, and actions to reach my goal because this formula is habit. Our habits show what we are more conducive to in life. The habits of a person determine the quality of living. Therefore, I am going to focus on both mundane and spiritual habits for my 90 days of magick. 

Spiritually, I am going to do a ritual a day and memorize two of my favorite prayers: A Spell to Establish A Relationship With Helio and A Prayer to Selene For Any Spell for 2 or 3 weeks. I will have my altar all set up with The Greek Magical Papyri In Translation With Demotic Spells and The Book Of Abramelin: A New Translation as the cornerstone to my practices. So it will work best for me use those methods since they are the largest inspiration to my magical system. When I fall into habit of waking up and doing my rituals in the morning then it will fall into habit eventually. 

The key to spiritual habits that are a benefit is dedication. I have the dedication, but my largest flaw is I am simply spontaneous. So there needs to be a little more self-control. I will do that reach my set goal. 

Physically and the Mundane, I will stick to my everyday labors that will be helpful to my end result. This means I will be working Monday through Friday on Oranum. The activity of refreshing my mind with daily walks in the morning will keep me humble. I will consciously be focusing on having well-established friendships. The one primary aspect learning new things for my dreams to manifest

The problem is that I had success with all this in 2011 and I got extremely lazy, I was young and dumb. I never realized what was in my hands. I learned from my mistakes and I have grown as a person. The past cannot plague me as I build a new future for myself. There is a demand to remain simple and develop better physical habits. 

My ultimate goal is to make this whole tarot gig work again, thus, I am setting up a 90 day play for myself to reach this goal. I will still be doing YouTube and making better writing habits as well. So I will have more than enough to keep me busy. As Plato emphasized in The Republic: Stay focused on a singular thing at a time!

I have to treat this like rehab to some extent. This is so I do not go into the pitfalls I have in the past. 

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