Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 Top Methods For Banishing Spirits Like a Real Ghostbuster!

Have you ever wondered if there could be  real life Ghostbusters? Let me tell you a secret, there are real methods used to evaluate, diagnose, and overcome most of these beings! I will be giving you 5 methods exclusively. I have been in the occult for 15 years. It was through experience in dealing with spirits I found out what worked. Dealing with the unknown can be a scary thing for the untrained eye. Many of these methods are thousands of years old! So if these do not work then please consult me if you have a ghost problem. Let's begin!

1. Salt. This ingredient may or may not come as a surprise. However, there is a reason why this cooking item has this power. Buddhists use salt to repel negative energy and evil spirits, but also use it to bring good luck. The Romans had the very same belief about salt. In Roman Catholicism and ceremonial magick salt is used for Holy Water, which can be used not only to bless, but also to keep away anything unholy!

2. Iron. In Europe it was believed that iron repelled ghosts, witches, demons, and fairies. Later in history the iron was turned into horseshoes and nails to banish negative energy and bring good luck. Historically speaking, iron blades in The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation with Demotic Spells are used to threaten spirits and bring protection. Iron is also associated with the planet of Mars. This planet is a very violent one being associated with the god of war, so it is easy to see why it would be good against invisible forces.

3. Strong & Bitter Herbs. There is a belief that spirits are not too far different than us in many ways, including our senses. However, spirits' senses are said to be stronger than ours. The end results lead to spirits leaving. A few of these herbs to keep away negative energies are cayenne, mistletoe, nettle, pepper, styrax, thyme, and more. The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation with Demotic Spells recommends many of these strong or sour herbs to be burnt to send a spirit away after summoning it.

4. Seals, Sigils, and Magick Squares. This is one of my favorite methods I draw a lot of my magick. To banish negative spirits in this method you can use the planetary square of Mars or Sun. Mars offers a more aggressive energy toward the spirit. The Magick square of the Sun has different approach, our star in the sky was seen as the "One true" God in antiquity. The reason why people saw the Sun as beneficent is because it brought light to the dark and it brought life to their culture. In the PGM (a 2,000 year old grimoire) Apollo, Helios, and IHVH are all seen as the same deity. So when you use the power of the Sun you are using the power of God in a strange sense. There are other magick squares from The Book of Abramelin and seals you can find in various grimoires, like The Greater Key of Solomon.

5. Magical Languages. I really love this method because it is challenging and fun! I know Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Greek for this very reason. I may not know them all fluently, but I did study the pronunciations and memorized prayers and certain names in these languages. "True names" carry power over a spirit. How can one banish Satan if they do not know his real name, Ha-Shatan? It is very possible to banish a spirit not knowing the original name, but it is very hard. 

Once again if these do not work, then please consult me for more detailed methods. If you have enjoyed this content then leave a comment and I will see you in the next post!

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