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Break Down of the Spell to Establish a Relationship with Helios, Magical Working Space

Spell to Establish a Relationship with Helios

1, While observing PGM III. 494-611 the opening has the breaking down of the 12 hours of the sun. Each hour as symbol, tree, stone, and land animals. It is amazing because this is a clear indicator early complex astrology magick that influenced later systems. These correspondences are clearly used to show you have knowledge of a god in order to summon it. These could also play a very vital role in the system with the magical formula.

2. Upon declaring you have knowledge of all the associated correspondences to Helios you have power  or influence over him. This is obvious in the phrase, "lest I shake heaven." It is apparent by the intellectual eye that knowledge of a god was seen as power, even over the lord of all gods in this system, Helios.

3. The fillers of the spell seem to be conjurations and barbarous names. These are used as a way to catch the attention of the god, thus, allowing the magician to build a stronger connection with his solar energy.

4. Though the magician has a commanding attitude, there is a large amount of respect because the magus knows he is the lord of all gods in this system. You will notice that the magician offers reverence near the end asking for a long, happy life and beauty. So much so he is external and internal to man, the esoteric phrase is, "because knowledge of you deified us."

Friday, March 17, 2017

PGM III. 494-611: Spell to Establish a Relationship with Helios


I am going to type out [Spell To Establish A Relationship With] Helios so I can get the feel of it on my blog and more spiritually. 

A procedure for every rite, for all things, for whatever you want, invoke this way: "Come, come to me from the four winds of the world, air-traversing, great god. Hear me in every ritual which I perform, and grant all the petitions of my prayer completely, because I know your signs, symbols and forms, who you are each hour and what your name is. 

In the first hour you have the form and character of a young monkey; the tree you produce is the silver fir; the stone the aphanos; the bird... your name is PHROUER.

In the second hour you have the form of a unicorn; the tree you produce is the Persea; the stone, the pottery stone; the bird, halouchakon; on land, the ichneumon; your name is BAZETOPHOTH.

In the third hour, you have the form of a cat; the tree you produce is the fig tree; the stone, samouchos; the bird the parrot; on land, the frog; your name is AKRAMMACHAMAREI.

In the fourth hour you have the form of a bull; the tree you produce...the stone, the amethyst; the bird, the turtledove, on land, the bull; your name is DAMNAMENEUS. 

In the fifth hour you have the form of a lion; the tree you produce is the prickly shrub; the stone, the magnet; the bird...on land, the crocodile; your name is PHOKENGEPSEUARETATHOUMISONKTAIKT. 

In the sixth hour you have the form of a donkey; the tree you produce is the thorn tree; the stone, lapis lazuli; in the sea, the jellyfish; on land, the white-faced cow; your name is EIAU AKRI LYX...

In the sevent hour you have the form of a crayfish; the tree you produce... you produce...; the stone, sun opal; the bird...on land, the cat; your name is...

In the eighth hour you have the form...the tree you produce...the stone... the bird..; on land, the hippopotamus; your name is...

In the ninth hour you have the form of an ibis; the tree you produce... the stone...; on land, the chameleon; your name...

In the tenth you have the form...; the tree you produce...the stone; one the color of a falcon's neck; the bird...

In the twelfth hour you have the form..your name is ADONAI...


I have spoken your signs and symbols. Therefore, lord, do the NN deed by necessity, lest I shake heaven. Do the NN deed for me; you are the image, the whole of the universe, you who, after being selected, guarded the holy place of the great great king. Do the NN deed for me, the one who keeps the keys the triangular paradise of earth, which is the kingdom. Do the NN deed for for me, the fatherless child of an honored widow, BOIATHYRITH, lest they take away from me the lord's fatherland and so that all good things happen by command, PHNOUNKENGEPSEUARETATHOUMISONKTAIKT MASKELLI MASKELLO PHNKETABAO ARIO ZAGRA RESICHTHON HIPPOCHTHON PYROSPARIPEGANYX KAILAM IALMIO LILIMOULEALABAELABAENEREDEMOU. 

Come to me in your holy circuit of 
The holy spirit, founder of the world,
O god of gods, lord of the world, who have
Divided by your own divine spirit
The universel first from the firstborn you
Appeared, created carefully, from water
That's turbulent, who founded all the world:
Abyss, earth, fire, water, air, and in turn
Ether of roaring rivers, red-faced moon, 
Heaven's stars, morning stars, and whirling planets.
Tis by your counsels they attend all things.

You who summon... AMOCHL...PHODOPH...M...ARPHTHO...IBK/PSOUPHIS TOM...OIOTH OPHROUER CHMEIB HARPONKNOUPHI BRINTATENOPHRI BRISKYLMA BAROUAR ZARBAMESEG KRIPHI NIGTHOU MICHMOUMAOPH IAOLI PRIN ASTRAPTES AI CHEAOKRITABAOZAALE ASRISKI...OU BRITHEI STOMA, master. Come to me, lord, you who sometimes raise the light, sometimes lower the darkness with your own power. Hear me, lord, me, NN, graciously, gladly, and for a blessing, from every element from every wind, today, with your happy face, in the present hour, because I invoke your holy name from the right of the axis: IAO AOI OAI OYA OOOOOO AAAAAA IY...OAI, but from from the left of the axis; IAO AYO IOAI PIPI OOO OO III AYO.. OA OAI. Come to me with a happy face to a bed of your choice, giving to me, NN, sustenance, health, health safety, wealth, the blessing of children, knowledge, a ready hearing, goodwill, sound judgment, honor, memory, grace, shapeliness, beauty to all who see me; you who hear me in everything whatsoever, give me persuasiveness with words, great god, to the EYAEO IO IAO OAI OIO EAYI TAS ERCHIS AUXACHOCH HARSAMOSI. I beg, master, accept my entreaty, the offering to you which you commanded. In order that you might now illuminate me with knowledge of things beloved by you even after the kind restoration of my material body, I pray, lord, accept this my request, the entreaty, the preliminary spell, the offering of my eloquent spirit. Let it also come to you, ruler of all, in order that you fulfill all the petitions of my prayer, you who originated from gods. We give you thanks with every soul and heart stretched out to you, unutterable name honored with the appellation of god and blessed with the appellation of father, for to everyone and to everything you have shown fatherly goodwill, affection, friendship and sweetest power, granting us intellect, speech, and knowledge; intellect so that we might understand you, speech so that we might call upon you, knowledge so that we might know you. We rejoice because you showed yourself to us; we rejoice because while we are still in bodies you deified us by knowledge of who you are. The thanks of man to you is one: to come to know you, O womb of all knowledge. We have come to know, O womb pregnant through the father's begetting. We have come to know, O eternal continuation of the pregnant father. After bowing thus before your goodness, we ask no favor except this: will that we be maintained in knowledge of you; and one protection that we not fall away from a life such as this...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Planning and Researching

My path has changed so much in the past 30 days that it is insane. I am back to reading tarot on Oranum. I own a laptop again. I just ordered the Logitech C930e for reading tarot (it will be here by Monday). Now I am simply in the mindset to make sure to develop my thoughts, words, and actions to reach my goal because this formula is habit. Our habits show what we are more conducive to in life. The habits of a person determine the quality of living. Therefore, I am going to focus on both mundane and spiritual habits for my 90 days of magick. 

Spiritually, I am going to do a ritual a day and memorize two of my favorite prayers: A Spell to Establish A Relationship With Helio and A Prayer to Selene For Any Spell for 2 or 3 weeks. I will have my altar all set up with The Greek Magical Papyri In Translation With Demotic Spells and The Book Of Abramelin: A New Translation as the cornerstone to my practices. So it will work best for me use those methods since they are the largest inspiration to my magical system. When I fall into habit of waking up and doing my rituals in the morning then it will fall into habit eventually. 

The key to spiritual habits that are a benefit is dedication. I have the dedication, but my largest flaw is I am simply spontaneous. So there needs to be a little more self-control. I will do that reach my set goal. 

Physically and the Mundane, I will stick to my everyday labors that will be helpful to my end result. This means I will be working Monday through Friday on Oranum. The activity of refreshing my mind with daily walks in the morning will keep me humble. I will consciously be focusing on having well-established friendships. The one primary aspect learning new things for my dreams to manifest

The problem is that I had success with all this in 2011 and I got extremely lazy, I was young and dumb. I never realized what was in my hands. I learned from my mistakes and I have grown as a person. The past cannot plague me as I build a new future for myself. There is a demand to remain simple and develop better physical habits. 

My ultimate goal is to make this whole tarot gig work again, thus, I am setting up a 90 day play for myself to reach this goal. I will still be doing YouTube and making better writing habits as well. So I will have more than enough to keep me busy. As Plato emphasized in The Republic: Stay focused on a singular thing at a time!

I have to treat this like rehab to some extent. This is so I do not go into the pitfalls I have in the past. 

5 Top Methods For Banishing Spirits Like a Real Ghostbuster!

Have you ever wondered if there could be  real life Ghostbusters? Let me tell you a secret, there are real methods used to evaluate, diagnose, and overcome most of these beings! I will be giving you 5 methods exclusively. I have been in the occult for 15 years. It was through experience in dealing with spirits I found out what worked. Dealing with the unknown can be a scary thing for the untrained eye. Many of these methods are thousands of years old! So if these do not work then please consult me if you have a ghost problem. Let's begin!

1. Salt. This ingredient may or may not come as a surprise. However, there is a reason why this cooking item has this power. Buddhists use salt to repel negative energy and evil spirits, but also use it to bring good luck. The Romans had the very same belief about salt. In Roman Catholicism and ceremonial magick salt is used for Holy Water, which can be used not only to bless, but also to keep away anything unholy!

2. Iron. In Europe it was believed that iron repelled ghosts, witches, demons, and fairies. Later in history the iron was turned into horseshoes and nails to banish negative energy and bring good luck. Historically speaking, iron blades in The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation with Demotic Spells are used to threaten spirits and bring protection. Iron is also associated with the planet of Mars. This planet is a very violent one being associated with the god of war, so it is easy to see why it would be good against invisible forces.

3. Strong & Bitter Herbs. There is a belief that spirits are not too far different than us in many ways, including our senses. However, spirits' senses are said to be stronger than ours. The end results lead to spirits leaving. A few of these herbs to keep away negative energies are cayenne, mistletoe, nettle, pepper, styrax, thyme, and more. The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation with Demotic Spells recommends many of these strong or sour herbs to be burnt to send a spirit away after summoning it.

4. Seals, Sigils, and Magick Squares. This is one of my favorite methods I draw a lot of my magick. To banish negative spirits in this method you can use the planetary square of Mars or Sun. Mars offers a more aggressive energy toward the spirit. The Magick square of the Sun has different approach, our star in the sky was seen as the "One true" God in antiquity. The reason why people saw the Sun as beneficent is because it brought light to the dark and it brought life to their culture. In the PGM (a 2,000 year old grimoire) Apollo, Helios, and IHVH are all seen as the same deity. So when you use the power of the Sun you are using the power of God in a strange sense. There are other magick squares from The Book of Abramelin and seals you can find in various grimoires, like The Greater Key of Solomon.

5. Magical Languages. I really love this method because it is challenging and fun! I know Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Greek for this very reason. I may not know them all fluently, but I did study the pronunciations and memorized prayers and certain names in these languages. "True names" carry power over a spirit. How can one banish Satan if they do not know his real name, Ha-Shatan? It is very possible to banish a spirit not knowing the original name, but it is very hard. 

Once again if these do not work, then please consult me for more detailed methods. If you have enjoyed this content then leave a comment and I will see you in the next post!

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