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Top 3 Missions Of My Personal Work!

Over the past few weeks I have been bringing organization to all my thoughts and ideas. I have one of those minds that runs 50 MPH. Sometimes it will make an individual seem like they have their heads up in the cloud. It was after a moment of pondering why I am creating content? What is the message I am trying to spread? So ultimately I made the decision to post the video above. So what are my top three missions of my work. 
1. Mastering Change!
I am an avid lover of history and finding truth, it is a rabbit hole I fell down deeper than I ever planned. The more I read ancient texts the more I realized how they valued knowledge, life, spirituality, and the people around them. I have discovered so many spells from antiquity in songs, hymns, spells, and rituals that cover the most basic aspects of life. This appreciation of the small things have seemed to faded the more we advanced. When you learn to quiet the mind through these ancient methods then you start to grow. This is a modern prec…

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